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Pebble Pave offers a paving solution to all permeable requirements, including permeable driveways, pathways, car parks and much more in Melbourne. Using a specifically formulated permeable concrete design that offers maximum permeability without jeopardising the strength that is associated and expected from normal concrete. Our permeable concrete design offers a 25mpa rating.

The permeable concrete goes down as a base then finished with the finesse of Pebble Pave offering a large array of colours to complement any area. The porous nature of the concrete means that water is allowed to pass through the solid material despite the hardiness of the concrete. Porous paving is also an excellent solution to issues such as stormwater flooding, where pollutants can be absorbed through concrete and flow through to the area below instead of flooding surrounding zones.

Using our technique along with our permeable concrete that we have designed and tested over the last few years, Pebble Pave can create a permeable area tailored to your requirements, we are the experts and market leaders in permeability

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Superior driveway and paving products for Melbourne

Australian owned and sourced, Pebble Pave is a leading permeable driveway and resin bound paving product in Melbourne, giving you confidence that what you receive is of the highest quality. Our installers understand that everyone from home owner to business or commercial owners, want good looks, safety and cost effective products.

We offer a slip resistant product that is designed to enhance every home or commercial area’s aesthetics, all the while offering competitive marketplace pricing.

Versatile porous pavement designs made from best-in-class materials

Pebble Pave is suitable where style and safety are essential. With a high load-bearing capacity, it means heavy vehicles like trucks and buses are not an issue in car parks and large driveways. Backed by a strong finish, the surface is specifically designed to retain its flexibility and porosity, delivering an end-result that caters to both design and functionality. With water sensitive urban designs becoming a key factor in many new developments, porous pavement and surface paving alternatives are now increasingly in demand for driveways in Melbourne.

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