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Permeable Concrete Driveways for Melbourne Homes and Businesses

Our company offers a porous concrete base for your permeable driveway or area. We use a specifically formulated permeable concrete that passes council requirements without jeopardising strength, then finish with our resin bound Pebble Pave to give a unique, aesthetically pleasing finish. This porous finish eliminates any water run off or surface pooling offering safety and convenience benefits. Pebble Pave with our permeable concrete base allows water to pass through – instead of running into the street adding to storm water problems. This benefits not only your local residence by reducing flash flooding but is environmentally friendly as well.

We also offer other concreting solutions, giving us the ability to provide developers with supply and installation of concrete and permeable paving all in one, allowing us to prepare the correct base for your permeable area at the same time so the job runs smoothly on time and the two products blend together to create an exceptional finish.

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Discover the advantages of a porous concrete driveway

Permeable concrete is far more beneficial than regular concrete, as it decreases the whole amount of impervious cover allowing you to maximise your building area potential. With the use of our specifically formulated permeable concrete it allows the water to drain through and reduce storm water runoff, return water back to the natural water table of the earth and help with water retention systems. This means that you’re helping with water sensitive urban design strategies.

Paving solutions for your pool surrounds

Applying Pebble pave to your pool area is a great way to have an aesthetically pleasing look for outdoor spaces, while also making the space significantly safer. As the water doesn’t pool on the surface, the slip resistant qualities translate to less accidents for your friends or loved ones. Being able to preserve the aesthetic appeal is a significant bonus as well – our paving is available in a range of colours to suit your personal taste.

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Pebble Pave service Melbourne and Victoria. If you would like to ask our friendly team any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can explain the advantages of Pebble Pave’s safety qualities in greater detail, in addition to being able to run through the presentation options for you. Alternatively, you may send any queries through with our contact form and we’ll reply as soon as possible. You can find out more about Pebble Pave and out products here.

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