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Landscaping in Melbourne with Pebble Pave


Pebble Pave Permeable Paving


How can Pebble Pave be used in a landscaped garden?


Pebble Pave (PP) is great for a variety of areas in your yard, including patios, pathways, around pools and ornamental ponds, in driveways and around sheds and garages. It creates beautifully neat lines and smooth contours without the harshness of polished concrete or large pavers. You can smooth out a lumpy garden path, resurface some steps or shape your pool surrounds into a neat and tidy shape, in the colour and pattern of your choice. It is ideal for open sunny spaces as it’s not just safe, it also diffuses the light.


Why should I chose PP to landscape design my Melbourne home?


PP has helped bring new life to hundreds of properties around the city over the past several years. Our team has broad experience with a variety of applications including but not limited to creating grip on access ramps, resurfacing undercover car parks, and paving cracked and worn driveways. Make sure to take a look through the gallery to see some of our creative and practical applications.


For an idea of what we could create for your garden, visit one of our displays at a garden and hardware store near you. You’ll be able to see the pebble surface/s up close and get a feel for the way the texture can be used in your yard space.


What other options are there?


We understand that our product isn’t the be-all and end-all of transforming your property. Through our trusted partners for landscaping in Melbourne, including Grand PaveScape, we offer a variety of landscape design and build services such as decking, retaining wall building, synthetic turf and more. These give you the opportunity to give your garden or yard a makeover that’s efficient and coordinated. View the services drop down menu at the top of the page to get started.

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