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Number One for Permeable Stone Paving for Driveways in Melbourne !

Established in 2006, we are a trusted local leader for Victorian properties with our high-quality services and materials guaranteeing an impeccable finish. We supply and install permeable paving in Melbourne in a wide variety of colours (including 18 of our most popular) and different size pebbles.


Australian owned and sourced, Pebble Pave is a leading permeable driveway and resin bound paving product giving you confidence that what you receive is of the highest quality. Our installers understand that everyone from home owner to business or commercial owners, want good looks, safety and cost effective products. We offer a slip resistant product that is designed to enhance every home or commercial area’s aesthetics, all the while offering competitive marketplace pricing.


Porous patio and driveway paving

Our paving will enhance your Melbourne home or workplace with its wide variety of applications, including pool surrounds, driveways, resin bound paving, pathways, alfresco dining areas, wheelchair access ramps, resurfacing old concrete or existing paving, and much more.


As a resin bound aggregate surface, our porous paving combines natural beauty with the practicality and safety of slip resistant materials.


Versatile porous pavement designs made from best-in-class materials

Pebble Pave is suitable where style and safety are essential. With a high load-bearing capacity, it means heavy vehicles like trucks and buses are not an issue in car parks and large driveways. Backed by a strong finish, the surface is specifically designed to retain its flexibility and porosity, delivering an end-result that caters to both design and functionality. With water sensitive urban designs becoming a key factor in many new developments, surface covering alternatives are now increasingly in demand.


Our permeable paving is ideal for high-risk areas that receive significant walking traffic – such as pathways, pools, patios, access ramps and driveways. A wide range of colours and creative installers means we can design an option that complements your home/property or just help with the colour choice – the right look is easy to achieve with the wealth of experience and insights that our installers carry.


Want to find out more about our permeable paving and driveways? Give our team a call on 0405 433 221 and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for you. Alternatively, fill out the contact form on the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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