When It Rains... It Drains

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Environmentally Friendly


We are extremely conscious about making Pebble Pave as environmentally friendly as possible we aim to reduce our carbon footprint so the natural beauty that surrounds our homes and parklands continue to survive for future generations. By installing Pebble Pave as a concrete resurface option less materials are needed and you eliminate the need for excavation and the removal of your existing area reducing landfill waste.


In the ever changing environment, Water sensitive urban design is becoming the norm for everyday life, for a permeable area installing Pebble Pave is the logical choice. In new areas Pebble Pave is applied to a well prepared sub base, the inclusion of agricultural drainage pipes can also be an option where excessive run off is expected. By utilising Pebble Pave porous paving, rainwater is able to drain through to the soil which in turn;


• Increases groundwater recharge by allowing water to soak through the soil and return back to the natural water table


• Improves stormwater quality by filtering the run off and reducing pollutant loads


• Reduces erosion and habitat scouring


Councils can use Pebble Pave around tree bases to protect them from foot traffic, allowing water to continually feed them eliminating the tree roots pushing up through the concrete foot path this also reduces the need for continuous repairs and removes any trip hazards to passing pedestrians.

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