When It Rains... It Drains

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The Pebble Pave resin system has been developed through years of research and testing here in Australia. We are proud to offer a high quality product that not only has so many qualities that in today’s modern age of Water Sensitive Urban Designs and the need to care for the environment meets all the requirements, it also looks amazing and is an attribute to any area.


Pebble Pave offers high quality experienced installers who have been trained specifically in our trade marked resin bound product. Our installers are put through intense onsite hands-on training, in base preparation, chemical mixing and installing Pebble Pave. We constantly monitor and re-evaluate our installers regularly to re-enforce our high quality standards are always met. Every installer is required to carry their accreditation card, if they cannot produce the card they are not authorised to install our trademarked product.


With Water Sensitive Urban Designs on the rise in private and commercial developments, Pebble Pave aims to be the market leader in permeable porous paving. We are constantly striving for new and improved formulas that are echo friendly and cost effective.


Pebble Pave is a family owned business supplying and installing throughout Melbourne and Victoria. All of our products are sourced locally within Australia. We are rapidly growing and therefore are always looking for more installers to cover our influx of work.

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