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Pebble Pave Resurfacing

Pebble Pave Resurfacing Fast & Affordable - Pebble Pave™ is ideal for resurfacing. If you have an old unsightly area of …

Pebble Pave Permeable Paving

Pebble Pave Permeable Paving Pebble Pave resin bound paving is fully permeable as we use just enough resin to ensure each..

Pebble Grip

Pebble Grip PebbleGrip is a unique interesting and, exciting resin bonded aggregate re-surfacing system….

Pebble Pave Colors

Pebble Pave Colors We work with large range of colors. Although our most popular colors are only displayed here….

Pebble Pave: No. 1 for Permeable Stone Paving in Melbourne

Welcome to the home page of Pebble Pave, a local leader in porous paving for Melbourne properties. Established in 2000, we supply a wide range of pavement stones in different sizes, colours, textures and finishes. Our paving materials are ideal for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to poolside areas, driveways, alfresco dining spaces, as a floor grip on ramps, and much more. As a resin-bonded aggregate surface, Pebble Pave combines natural beauty with the practicality and safety of permeable paving.

Aside from being suppliers of paving stones and materials, we're also paving contractors. Ask us about installation options for your home, commercial premises or new building project.

About Pebble Pave


At Pebble Pave™ we provide a comprehensive and unique service for the supply and installation of fully permeable paving systems. Our focus is on Permeable Paving & concrete resurfacing, meaning tailoring your hard landscaping needs to work best for you and your environment. We offer a range of products suitable for creating attractive, durable porous/permeable paving. Pebble Pave™ can be used for a variety of applications, we are constantly working on projects from small residential paths & driveways to large commercial projects. We have specification for all applications and are happy to provide copies if any are required for local council submissions and for site preparation. Our services also include all your outdoor landscaping needs please refer to our Services page for more information.

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